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Hopefully I'm not cluttering the board too much

What do you all find to be the best mouse/keyboard combination for MacBooks (and Pro)? Would you recommend getting a combo or is just a mouse sufficient? I'm looking at about the $80 range if at all possible.


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    Any help?
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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    HH Lite2 for keyboard.

    Some Razer model for mouse. (Pro|Click officially Mac supported, other models like Copperhead work even they are not advertised to.)

    I've had the keyboard in daily use for about two, three years now. It's still in perfect condition and by far the best keyboard I've seen or used. The only reasons I see to purchase a new keyboard are if I can afford a Kinesis USB Advantage or if HH comes out with a new board that has dedicated function keys.

    I'll get a Razer once my immortal Logitech MX310 fails the test of time, or when I get a gaming PC, whichever comes first.
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    gongon Posts: 2,437member
    Forgot to say, the Macbook keyboard is pretty nice by itself and certainly doesn't require you to get an external keyboard as long as the Macbook's display is your primary one.

    The choices I mentioned do go somewhat over your $80 limit but they're worth it.

    If you want a more traditional model on the keyboard front, I have heard favorable mentions of Matias TactilePro and Macally Icekey, although both a bit pricey as well. In the cheaper end I'd take a Labtec keyboard equipped with scissor keys.

    Mice are highly subjective but if you are not very demanding about it (doing graphic work, playing games, or using a large external screen) then even the $15 opticals are okay. Spending slightly more gets you a higher DPI mouse, which is a real improvement in precision tasks and on large screens. I'd stick to Logitech, Microsoft and Razer. All seem to make quality mice, making the choice between them very much a matter of preference. I already said I'd pick Razer on the top end, but on the cheap end where Razer doesn't compete, I'd go with Logitech (plain "Optical", LX3 maybe?).
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    I suckered out and bought the overpriced bluetooth might mouse...

    and i love it!

    would definitely suggest it
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    So are there any good bluetooth keyboard/mouse combinations out there? I know of the Apple line (got somewhat mediocre reviews... they worth the extra $$?), and I was wondering if there was a unanimous one to pick. thanks for all your help!
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