MBP super drive wont play video dvd's

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hi there

I was just wondering if any of you could help with a problem that has troubling me for a few months and is now getting worse

I have a Core Duo MBP with with a superdrive (MATSHITA DVD-R UJ-857), it has recently stopped accepting video dvd's (well only about 1 in 10 of my dvds will play, including brand new ones), i insert the, i hear the drive scanning it a few times then about 15 seconds later it pops straight back out. All these dvd's play on other standalone players and pc dvd drives, and my mbp drive will accept all data dvd's including dvd-r and dvd+r. Does anybody have any ideas what may be going on, i only have a couple of months of my warranty left so i was considering taking it to the local apple store, however they are never too helpful and will no doubt tell me i have 150 faulty dvd's.

Any advice would be extremely helpful even if it is just saying that other people have the same problem



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    jrollerjroller Posts: 80member
    I don't have a fix for you, but wonder if you are still covered under AppleCare?

    If so, I would call them immediately. I have found them to be excellent in helping my with issues on the nearly 30 macs (see sig) I have.

    I'm surprised to hear you say an Apple Store was not helpful. Was this an actual Apple Store, or a Apple licensed reseller?
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    4metta4metta Posts: 365member
    This happened to my then two month old macbook. Took it to the Genius Bar and they replaced the drive after testing it with various dvds. Take your own as well. There is a running joke about the Superdrive on some forums. They type it out MatSHITa. I figure as long as it's covered I'll keep using it.
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