simple GPS software for X?

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Can anyone help me here? I have a bunch of GPS coordinates, and I would like ot enter them into an app that will put them on a map - they dont even need to be on a REAL map, just plotted relative to each other, so I can see where they all fall out (they are marking permanent sampling stations for my research).

I am looking for something easy to use - I am reluctant to learn GRASS or anything like that for sucj a simple task, although of course added features would be nice.




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    maybe i'm misinterpreting your specific requirements..., and some similar sites will accept GPS coordinate input

    or get a decent planetarium program which allows for various geographic locations (at least as far as showing what's above them)

    am i missing something? need a navigable sphere somehow?
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    Sorry - I guess I was not clear. Let me try it this way....

    I work on small islands in Mexico, which rarely show up on maps. On each island, I have multiple (30+) stations at which I do research. I know the GPS coordinates of each station, and need to create maps of these stations at each island (so I could hand a map to a grad student and say - go get data from station 23).

    I KNOW that no program will have maps of the islands on which I can overlay these data, BUT - there MUST be apps where I can enter in a zillion GPS coordinates, and create a map of those locations in relation to each other.

    Does that make sense?

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