glossy vs. standard screen

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I'm looking at the new MBP and wondering what the advantages/disadvantages are to having the glossy vs. the standard screen. Anyone have any preferences, if so, why?


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    jrollerjroller Posts: 80member
    I looked into both before deciding on the standard screen. I had read warnings about the glossy screen being very reflective and therefore not as good a choice for what I do. I have looked at both, and frankly think it is more a personal choice than technical one. In the future, I will continue to purchase the standard screens, but I am sure there are those who swear by the glossy.
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    fongyuenfongyuen Posts: 43member
    i have the glossy screen and for one have not had any problems with reflection.
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    elixirelixir Posts: 782member
    i'm not a fan of the gloss
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    Here's a post I had a couple days back about relatively the same thing. If you're like me, the responses just made me want to head to an Apple store and take a look myself. It really does sound like it's a matter of preference. People do indeed swear by matte and glossy. I'll add my two cents if I go check it out within the next couple days. Hope it helps
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    not using search ftl.
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