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I've been reading the threads on the new MBPs but I haven't seen many comments on the new 17" high res screens. Do they have them on display at the Apple Stores? For those of you that have seen them, what do you think?


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    Ruminations on the 17" for you...

    I have seen it. I used it for almost an hour at an Apple Store yesterday. The high resolution option is the only reason to get a 17" in my opinion.

    The 1900x1200 panel registers as a model 9C69 in the ColorSync Profile. The lower resolution 17" has the same panel as the previous revision, 9C61.

    The high res display has better overall illumination than the 9C61 version, but still suffers from some uneven illumination, although definitely not as strong.

    There have been some quibbles over the LED-backlights on the 15" being brighter. I would say the 15" is brighter by a shade or two.

    The biggest noticeable difference — to me — was after using the high resolution display for an hour how "large" the UI was on the 15.4" and even the standard 17" was. I didn't find the high resolution too small or unconfortable to look at. I thought the display was absolutely gorgeous.

    I have a 17" PowerBook G4 that I got in September 2004. My only reservation getting the 17" MBP is the price; my only reservation getting the 15.4" is that I would be adjusting to a smaller display. Although the LED-backlighting is really, really good — it shouldn't take away from the 17" high res because it's really good too. I am torn on what to do. I really don't feel like spending the money, but I need to do something. This PowerBook is really starting to piss me off with its speed and its 55-minute battery life.
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    I purchased the new 17" hi-res. It is great! The screen is also brighter. The new resolution also allows for more more screen real estate. Final Cut Pro "seems" to have more room now!

    My local Applt Store had one in stock. They had me open it before I left the store so that they couls see the screen too.
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