Wanted Accessory : for the built-in iChat camera

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My idea !!! My copyrighted name !!!!

I want big royalties -- so just WATCH IT , BUSTER !!!!

Here it is , then:

As you may know, it is actually the case that our cell phones (especially the Razor) and computers can be surreptitiously hacked, by our fearless leaders, to turn on and monitor conversations as well as video without turning on any LED indicators or giving any other hints that we are being monitored.

The original iChat camera had an iris shutter for privacy.

Does the built-in camera have one ?

No ?

Well then .... How about a small silicone rubber plug with a frilled

upper edge that looks like eye lashes --- and a sleeping eye cartoon

on it's exposed surface?

You push it into the lense window, and use

the "eye-lashes" to pull it off for chatting.

NAME : The iLid


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    Originally Posted by gooddog View Post

    My idea !!! My copyrighted name !!!!

    NAME : The iLid

    You're half right. The idea has been presented a while ago but that name is going to make you a rich man.
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