Late breaking fun: dts claims to have keynote bullet points

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Late breaking fun: dts claims to have keynote bullet points

DailyTechTalk has a translation from a German site claiming to be the bullet points from SteveNote (now just 9 1/2 hours away).

They're claiming, let's see here, beyond what we all expect: new iMacs, lots of Google integration, ZFS, Front Row 2.0, Photobooth 2.0, "Black shining" interface elements (illuminous), finder enhancements, .mac with Google integration, free of all new Macs, more Google integration (they aren't too specific), "Charts" for iWork, "secret features" on iPhone including iWork and iLife "integration", whatever that means, and for "one more thing", iPhone@home, some kind of giant iPhone/tablet/multitouch thing, which unfortunately is stupid enough sounding to make the whole thing pretty suspect (if the idea of "iLife integration" on the iPhone wasn't enough for that)>

Still, let's have at it.


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    addaboxaddabox Posts: 12,660member
    Heh, in the time it took me to do an overview, MaxNaylor had cut and pasted the whole thing.
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    pbpb Posts: 4,234member
    So, too much iMac talk lately. Regardless of if it is finally released or not, the iMac was/is apparently the No 1 computer hardware candidate for this WWDC.
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