7500 GB of music? Itunes thinks so...

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After Apple refused to refurbish my ipod with pathetic battery life for anything less than $150, I finally broke down and dropped $250 in BestBuy for a new (30Gig,5thGenVideo) ipod.

I got home last night, charged it, then plugged it into my PC, but was forced to update to Itunes 7 for compatibility with the new ipod. I did this, reluctantly, because IT 7 skips like crazy only my age old computer, (which is why I had stayed with itunes 6.) Anyway, I eventually started up the new Itunes- It is an unbearably slow program, it skips, it's a disaster. I can deal with all of those things though - but there is one real problem.

Acording to Itunes, I have 7500 Gigs of music in my library. An album? Roughly 20 gigs. As a result, my ipod won't sync - not enough space, of course.

When I manually put a few songs on the ipod they register as their normal filesize on the ipod, but itunes insists that syncing is impossible because there is not enough space (technically there is more than enough.) On itunes, if I look up an individual song, it shows the correct filesize, but when I have an album it shows it as 20-30 gigabytes.

I don't care if Itunes tells me that my 4000 songs take up 5 megabytes or 50,000 gigs, but I do want my ipod to sync properly.

Anyone with any suggestions would be a superhero. Thank you so much.


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    teedoff087teedoff087 Posts: 348member
    What are your system specs? iTunes 7 may not be compatible with your computer. It sounds like an incompatibility issue.
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