WWDC: What a disappointment

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Gosh, that was disappointing. No real news aside from the handful of new Leopard features (some of which look really cool!). I was hoping for more iPhone news as well. Given that they've been advertising it as supporting the "real" internet, I kind of already figured it would have support for Web 2.0 apps. It is cool that those apps will be able to interface with the iPhone's built in features, but we didn't really get anything new except for that. I was hoping for something a bit more groundbreaking, and it seems like the investors were too as Apple stock has already turned down for the day.


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    physguyphysguy Posts: 915member
    Re stock, no real indicator. Just following the rubric - Buy on rumor, sell on news.
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    hirohiro Posts: 2,663member
    Why on earth do people still persist on expecting announcements that are not directly related to developers concerns at WWDC? Steve had some HUGE news about iPhone this morning. Galactically HUGE if you want to develop an app or want someone to develop an app for it. Just because user Joe doesn't realize this doesn't mean it wasn't news that singlehandedly destroyed one of the largest misplaced criticisms of the phone...that is can't run third party apps. Because it can, just as less reactive folks have figured all along.
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