Mac OS X Keychain Problem

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Hey ppl... I'm having an ANNOYING problem. My email and iChat passwords arent saved in my Keychain. I even tell it to REMEMBER PASSWORD DAMNIT!! What can be done with reinstalling Jag as a last resort?


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    Well i got an app called Keychain First Aid... It seems to see that my keychain file is invalid... 0_o.... Even after I make a new one and logout and log back in it still give me this trouble......
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    anyone? even my mail provider cant help me solve this....
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    noseynosey Posts: 307member
    This happened twice to me today... just out of the blue.

    Checking the keychain revealed no key.

    As far as I know mail uses its own setting for passwords. In the preferences, I believe, or in the Network settings control panel.

    I quit the program twice and tried it, and finally restarted the system.

    It still didn't seem to be getting email, so I tried sending a test message to myself.

    25 minutes later I got my message back, so there seems to have been a problem with the email server (with

    When I first started email, it checked the account. When it did it automatically, it would run into problems. It seems fine now, though.

    Maybe it was a server glitch.
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    wellp i finally solved the problem by deleting the Keychain Access prefs and the keychain file itself. Then I logged out and started a fresh...... Worked me wonders...
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