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is it possible to export a mail i received somewhere in a folder so it doesn't have to be in the mail program itself?

I gathered passwords on my hotmail over the years and now they are in the osx mail prog, but they do not need to be there, it's just filling up my box so the overview is gone.

any ideas?



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    I´m not sure I understand you right but here goes:

    1) You can assign a rule so what you get will end up in a special folder in Mail (like all mail to my hotmail adress goes directly to spam filter)

    2) You can forward your mail to another account with the same principle as 1)

    3) If you want to remove them completly from Mail, move them with a rule to a new folder in Mail (call it Tobemoved or whatever). Then go into your user folder->library->mail->mailboxes and move toberemoved away from the folder. Then next time you open mail it will be gone.

    If it didn´t answer you uestion try to be more specific
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Select the message you want to export, go to the File menu and select Save As...

    It will ask you for a name to save the file as, and the option of saving it as Rich Text Format, Plain Text, or Raw Message Source. RTF will give you the fonts, etc, Plain just gives you the characters (no images, etc), and Raw Message Source gives you the entire mail gobbeldygook with transit information, etc, etc.

    You probably want Plain for just getting text info out.

    Now you can open the file in TextEdit or any other text editor and get the info.

    Is this what you meant?
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    Yep, that's what i meant.

    Thanks a lot.
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