Upgrading display and hard drive in last-generation MBP

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Hello everyone,

Two weeks ago I purchased a 17" MacBook Pro, which has just recently become outdated by the new MBPs. I love my new Mac, but I do graphic design for a living and would like to upgrade to a higher-res display and the larger 160GB 7200RPM hard drive. If possible I would also like to swap out my ATI card with the new 8600 GT.

Does anyone know if this is possible? If so, are there any other hardware components that can be upgraded, or am I SOL?

It is very frustrating for me to see these new updates come out as soon as I purchased my model, since the last computer I had (a PC notebook that died) already came with everything that I'm hoping to upgrade to. :-(


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    if its taht new why didn't you take it back and appeal to the good nature of the retailer to either get a refund or swap...? could always give it a go now if you're still in the 14 days...or is it 30?

    and no, you can't change gfx in notebooks, they are hardwired into the mainboard.
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