Can view website on PCs but not Macs, but only in my office

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Hi All, This has me absolutely perplexed and I've never come across it in all my years of computering.

Basically, we set up a website on a Brinkster developer account. I can view the site perfectly on my PC, but none of the macs in the office can view it. Any mac outside the office (that we've tested it with) can view it, strangely enough. The URL is Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this issue? The macs ping the site ok, but time out when trying to load any pages in that site. They are all running the latest updates and I've tried it on Safari, IE and Firefox.

If anyone has any ideas, please let me know. If you need any more info, just ask.

Thanks in advance.

Matt (about to lose his job)


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    jrollerjroller Posts: 80member
    This will be about the fifth attempt to reply. Now it will be one question:

    Do the office macs surf the web properly to everything except your site?
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