Game performance on a Powerbook.

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Before I fork out 2600 dollars for a Powerbook, would it be possible for current owners to post their benchmarks. I?m interested in the 1ghz model. Can you game on it, what kind of FPS do you get? Is the hard drive fast enough?


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    Why not load up some games on a CD, take it to a mac store, insert the disk and copy them to the desktop?

    Launch 'em, see for yourself. Even if you only have access to an 867mhz, the 1ghz is about 15% faster than that.

    On my 867mhz in Wolfenstein at 1280x854, with all options on highest quality, I get something around 15-20fps average. Ghost Recon (NICE graphics!) I get a little more. Giants gets mad framerates, as does Oni, as does tombraider, though the graphics are not as demanding in those games.
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