Finally resuming my personal project

in AppleOutsider edited January 2014
Ah, after over two years of dead silence on my web comic project I am finally resuming it.

Well, I pulled down the entire site a few days ago because I no longer want people to look at the old stuff. Why? Because I have rewritten the entire story and lots of things presented in the old site will no longer related to the new story. Same to the characters, they are now under major overhaul.

I spent the last few days in front of my computer, looked at all my files, and tried to decided what direction I should head to. And later I decided to stick with the non-realistic style in order to ease my workload. And the looks of all characters have really drastic change.

Here're some examples of the characters in the new story. They are still in the draft from but should be enough to give people some idea....

The lead female (for the first 40 episodes). That's the new Priscilla

The lead male (for the first 30 episodes). That's the new Leonis

And close up....

I still have to get another 6 or 7 characters done before I can start to work on a new episode. By the way, I am starting from episode 1 as the story is pretty much "new"

I have found a person to help me jazz up the synopsis and I think I will do a little trailer base on that.

So, fun time ahead (for me) again


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