junk mail in Mail

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is there a list of junk mail in Mail that I can check?



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    buonrottobuonrotto Posts: 6,368member
    When you activate the Junk Mail filter (i.e., set it to automatic), it will create a Junk Mail mailbox. You can see it when you open your mailboxes drawer.

    Is this what you mean, or do you mean is there a list of the junk mail criteria, something that tells you how it decides what's junk mail? I'm not aware of anything like that, but if you switch it back to training mode, you can "teach" it how to determne what's junk mail some more.
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    You can set junk mail criteria by opening the Mail Preferences, then click the Rules icon on the right side, then select "Junk" and click the Edit button. That will let you change your junk mail criteria.

    The easier way, though, is to go to the Mail menu in the menubar, go to Junk, and then choose "Custom..." which will take you to that same place automatically.
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    firehcfirehc Posts: 368member
    thanks for yr reply,

    but i mean a list of email addresses that i considered junk

    any idea?
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    lucaluca Posts: 3,833member
    You can make individual rules. Just go to the "rules" section of the preferences and create a new rule with the right criteria. You could put the email address you want to block into the rule, and have it be deleted and marked as read if that email address comes up.
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