iTunes performance upgrade for large libraries?

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The poor performance of iTunes with large libraries is fairly well described around the web. As iTunes libraries grow the performance degrades drastically for tag/album art/lyric and other meta-data actions.

It seems like there is a database issue here? Is Apple planning to address these iTunes performance issues in Leopard? Perhaps they need to switch to use a more efficient database such as bsddb or sqlite?


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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Hmm... I could swear I saw a blurb about Safari for Windows installing sqlite... or was I confusing that with Google Gears?
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    davidzladavidzla Posts: 63member
    How large is large - by number of tracks, or memory, etc.?
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    Originally Posted by davidzLA View Post

    How large is large - by number of tracks, or memory, etc.?

    My iTunes library is ass-slow, and contains the following:

    Video: 281 items - 144.22 GB

    Audio: 33,543 items - 275.22 GB

    Editing metadata is excrutiating.

    Hopefully iTunes 8.0 contains some performance enhancements for large libraries.
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