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Hey I was just wondering if I should accept an offer of 725 dollars for my macbook, or should I let the bidding continue. I have 25 watchers right now, and quite a few offers. I am trying to get as much cash out of this as possible. Any help would be appreciated.


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    Let the eBay bidding finish. That means that you have a guaranteed (virtually) 1st choice buyer who should make good on the deal. If the 1st bidder falls through for any reason, you got the 2nd bidder too.

    The eBay system seems to work better than private out-of-eBay sales no matter how sweet the promised up-front cash is.

    Macs generally do quite well on eBay. I know, it is very tough when you have to sell your Macs on eBay for cash purposes. Trust me, I know. But good luck, I believe it is your best option to do eBay, let the auction complete, and then follow up with the winning bidder, and 2nd place bidder should the winning bidder fall through.

    If your reserve price is not met as well, you can sometimes start a new bid, for not much cost. Check with someone you know well enough that does a lot of eBay for more info and consider their advice.
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