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Hey guys. I'm debating about becoming a campus rep for apple, but I have a few questions. Their website really doesn't answer anything, and I'm a bit confused as to requirements and/or chances.

#1: How much do you need to know about Apple products?

This one should be fairly obvious, but its not. I know my way around Mac OS-X, I know how to use mac tools, and I know the different kinds of macs, iMacs, powerbooks, ibooks, xServes, and macbooks/pro's. If asked to sit down at a computer now and fix a kernel panic, I would give you a deer in the headlights look. I could learn it easily, as I'm computer savvy, with any kind of training or resources, but I haven't admittedly been using a mac all my life. Someone said you get the equivalent training of an Apple Genius, but information on the whole process is sketchy at best.

#2: The Bottom Line

I've heard the pay is $10 USD. But, I'm in Canada, where Apple doesn't necessarily have a regional person to 'Make the sale' as I've heard a lot of people reference. Theres only 3 apple stores in the country. I've heard a few people go so far as to say you have to pay -Apple- to start the job, which would be out of the question.

#3: Benefits

Do you have the option to buy your Macbook at the end of your employment? Also, what other kind of benefits are there. I've heard people reference lots of 'promotional deals', but no one ever goes into details.

#4: Quota's

How does Apple judge a good performance from a bad one. Is there a minimum sales figure, or is it just a matter of getting out there and running events and getting the word out?

#5: Travel

My friend, who was a campus rep I lost track of years ago, said he occasionally has to travel to Apple events. Is this paid for?

Thanks so much for your time, and I hopefully look forward to being an active part of the community!


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    Little bump, I had a lot of questions answered in pm, thanks guys! I just had one more question though.

    I submitted the application online on saturday. How long does it usually take to hear some kind of email/phone/mail response?

    And is there any way to check if theres already a campus rep on your campus?

    Thanks all!
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