DVD drives in New Zealand ????

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I am going to be setting up an AV system built around an Apple Mac Mini and am stuck at just one irritating problem. The internal Matsh!ta DVD drives cannot be set to multi-region via an RPC1 firmware flash, which is a pain as I buy discs from all over the place to get the best picture, sound, cut, price etc etc. I read somewhere that under NZ competition laws that all media drives must be universal, allowing the use of any media from anywhere in the world, hence all DVD players are multi-region, not locked to a specific (UK-2, Oz-4 etc). So, would anyone know or easily be able to find out if this rumored ruling is correct, and if so does it also apply to computer drives, specifically Apple Mac drives ?

Clutching at straws here, I know

Possible alternatives may be to simply rip a copy of my non-R2 discs, rip to HDD, or possibly play via VLC, but it is rumored that even VLC fails on the latest drives

Another option is just to keep using my old DVD player for those discs for now, until a multi-region combi BD/HDDVD recorder is released.


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    The most important thing to remember when using a DVD drive in Australia or New Zealand is that they read and write to the disc counter-clockwise, while in Northern Hemisphere countries they are clockwise due to the Coriolis Force.
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    Very good \
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