Please someone help!Can't play QuickTime videos

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This is the 2nd time i've asked since not one person replied before.

I can't move the original QT files to an external drive from my imac.the files wont play at all if the originals arent on the imac hard drive. I deleted all of the ones after copying them to the external drive thinking they were fine and now they are worthless.(They won't play at all unless the originals are on the imac hard drive.This makes the whole thing of FREEING UP SPACE with an external drive pointlless unless i can move them to the external drive. Now I have to re extract the clips again from my mini dvd, this is a big headache because they were edited.Plus again all of that memory will go back onto my computer.The files play fine if they arent in the folder on the external hard drive. If copied directly to the drive from the cinemetize program they wont play at all. If copied from the imac after being extracted to that first they play, but only if the originals are on the imac first.


Can someone please help me that might know what to do in this situation?




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    aquamacaquamac Posts: 585member
    Please explain, what happens when you try to play them?
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    Thanks for the reply, i have been out of town just got back...

    When i pl;ay them they go really very very slow, hardly moving at all, and then stop and nothing happens it is just a picture not moving, like a still frame.
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    It goes actually fast not slow, but just for about 1/2 second then stops, freezes. But I know that the whole clip is there because when I take the arrow at the bottom and drag it foreward it eventually moves to the place in the clip that should be there. So the clip is there it just won't play it, un less the original is on the hard drive. It's very frustrating!

    I NEED to free up space and these are clips that I shot of a bands various shows all over the place.

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