songs from itunes store wont sync to my ipod.

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12 songs i have purchased over the years wont sync to my ipod its out of the blue because they use to go on thew ipod just fine. i tried burning them to a cd and re-importing them and even that dosnt work. it just keeps saying my ipod dosnt support this file format.


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    shady104shady104 Posts: 332member
    no one has a sollution?
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    Originally Posted by shady104 View Post

    no one has a sollution?

    How about contacting apple support with this? They will propably let you redownload these tracks or help with your ipod.
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    I remember there being similar issues in the past with updates to iTunes and/or iPod. Do you have all the latest updates on both?
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