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When I travel on vacation I have taken my iBook, but I would like tyo find something smaller that will allow me to access e-mail and maybe do some internet. Is there anything that is Mac friendly that will scale down what I carry over my shoulder?

Will the iPhone be a solution? There is a wireless Palm that says it is Mac compatible, but does it allow calendar synchronization and Address Book downloads?


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    regreg Posts: 832member
    The Palm Tungsten and the T/X will do what you want. The TX also has WiFi which makes surfing a lot better. The Palm browser - Blazer is just okay. I have a 650 smart phone from Palm( still have 5 months left on it with Verizon). I hope by that time the iPhone will have all the bugs worked out. I also have not seen any mention if it will be able to view and edit word and Excel documents. I do enough of that with the 650 that it is now a requirement for all smart phones that I will get.
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    tony1tony1 Posts: 258member
    I'll second the Treo 650. My Mac syncs up with my 650's "Calender" and "Contacts" just fine. I run Mark/Space Missing Sync that has made matters go very smooth.

    I'm sure that the iPhone will be great and all and that SJ finds the smart phones all but that, but it's done more than I had originally intended. I watch movies on it that I have either shot from the phone or sized down from a dvd (TCPMP and the built in Media player), listen to my music on it (via pTunes) either through the built in speaker or wireless headphones via bluetooth, view my photo's on it, and view and write Word documents on it via "Documents to Go", which also has Excel writing and viewing capabilities, but I haven't used it. I also run numerous other wares on this that really make managing life quite a bit easier

    I've also surfed on it via Omniweb and got my email on it very easily, yet after I got my bill from Verizon I was a bit upset when I signed up with them they told that it was a free service, which it wasn't, so I cancelled that part of the service. Those programs worked fine, not the usual web browser or email app, but they worked fine.

    I also bought a 4gb SD card for it and if you're willing to hack it it will go up to using that full amount, but I decided against that hack and just stuck with the default 2gb which really is enough for me.

    All in all this is a great device and very Mac friendly, just the way I wanted it and not as cumbersome as SJ puts it and I dig Mr Jobs, but I think his put down on this was a bit inflated.

    Hope this helps.
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