old G4 Power Station

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I have 2 G4 Power Station Macs ar my office and it seems that they have some big issues. Usually the applications that are running on these 2 are Office documents, pdfs and some browsing uploading stuff. This is not so requiring I think. Anyway the problem is that they get stuck very very often. About 5 times a day.

I have tried to run disk utility and stuff, but still they stop. I have placed 1750 MB of RAM memory in each.

What can I do?


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    jrollerjroller Posts: 80member
    If you have or have access to DiskWarrior, you should try running that. It is a great utility. You might also try running the hardware test disk to see if you are having hardware issues, though I doubt the same issue would pop up on 2 machines. If all else fails, you should back up and try a reinstall.
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    this is what you should do to your g4:

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