Quicktime vs. Divx

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I was wondering which program was better, I am in a debate with a friend, and need some help. Also, which one was released first? I'm guessing quicktime? Arguments to either side accepted.


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    aquaticaquatic Posts: 5,602member
    QuickTime isn't a codec, it's a framework for delivering codecs. But I know what you mean, I'll cut the technical crap. QT's native codecs like Sorenson are WAY better, DivX looks like shitake mushrooms and plays like a slideshow on old Macs. 3ivx is great, I just got eXistenZ in 3iv, but the typical "DivX" means "MS" DivX, which is terrible, incompatible, slow, and evil.

    All you need is QT 6.1 and then go download the 3ivx plugin (google it I'm lazy.)
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