iTunes music library stops after playing one song

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Why is it that whenever I play a song from my music library, it stops after playing that one song? I want to just listen all the way through an album without stopping, but it stops regardless of being on repeat. It seems that it's only when the shuffle option is on. What's the deal? I have everything checked, and I don't have the problem when I'm playing a playlist. When I hit next when playing a song (when selected in music library), it just stops the song. I tried googling this, but everyone seems to want this to happen (they want one song played and then itunes to stop). There are a ton of posts on other forums about getting iTunes to do what I don't want it to do. Can anyone help?


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    Ahhh... please help!
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    Uninstalling did the trick. I'm not sure what happened, but my problem has been fixed. I uninstalled iTunes, reinstalled, and everything worked fine. I had to restore my iPod and resync, but that wasn't too much trouble. Perhaps somebody else can benefit from this...
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