MBP 17" Case.....HELP!

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Ok I've to tell my GF what case I want for the MBP tomorrow as she needs to order it for my bday next Friday. What would you recommend?

Only one I know of atm is the TechAir 3510 one. Grey and Blue it is.



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    scarecrowscarecrow Posts: 148member
    If it was me (actually it is, I've already purchased mine) I would go with a Booq bag:

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    jrollerjroller Posts: 80member
    I use a Brenthaven that I bought from the Apple Store (online). Very nice... but pricey...
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    WIth a 17", I suggest a hard case like Vanguard Designer II:

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    ssssss Posts: 30member
    Really couldn't find a proper laptop bag I a) liked and b) wasnt too pricey.

    So I ended up just getting one of those skins the are padded and fit like a glove, and then also got a Converge Messenger Bag from NikeID I made myself. It should fit the 17" fine, but I needed that extra skin protection because Nike aren't exactly renouned for making good laptop bags!

    Thanks for the help.
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