Dazzle and recording game footage

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I'm thinking about getting this device here to record some of my xbox 360 moments:


Is this compatible at all with mac and if so how easy is it to use? Will i have to install the editing software with or is imovie good enough to edit uploaded material.



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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,174moderator
    You should instead look for something like this:


    That is compatible with the Mac, although it's about twice the price. Most other USB devices won't be.

    The recordings with elgato can be any format you want so yeah you can drop them into imovie, edit, possibly compress again and upload.
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    Thanks for the info.

    However this device isn't compatible with 60Hz games and quite a few xbox 360 are in 60Hz only (Gears of War is the main one I'm worried about).

    Is there a similar device that can handle both 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies or perhaps some mac compatible software that can convert the signal into 50Hz (if thats even possible IDk???)

    Thanks in advance!
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