Ipod Video vs Ipod Nano

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Ideally what I would like is a 10-12 G nano.

I will only be using the ipod for music. The 8 G nano won't quite serve my purposes space wise.(Ideally would like to have about 10G avaliable, so not the end of the world, but not quite meeting my needs either) An ipod video will certainly give me enough room however simply from a convience standpoint it dosen't seem as handy. (i.e. if I wanted to use it while going for a jog or something).

I sorta flipflop on which to get. Any help?


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    murphywebmurphyweb Posts: 295member
    Hi Jayne, not sure what the real difference between 8-10GB is going to mean to you?

    Songs wise, how many songs would you really need on your ipod at any one time? I know whenever i take mine out i generally listen to 4-5 albums at most during an average week.

    I remember i had the same dilema, 8GB Nano or 30GB Video - they were both the same price! And yet despite being a no brainer in terms of storage i actually went for the nano. I cannot think when i would actually want to watch videos on the move anyway.

    I would have actually gone for a 2GB nano if it was just for music, don't get me wrong i do not lack music, i have over 30GB in my iTunes library, but thats what iTunes is for, i see my ipod as a temporary storage for whatever i am listening to today, with maybe a few other albums to cover any mood i may be in and perhaps a podcast or two. I only went with 8GB because it is nice to have a portable storage device for files, videos etc.. that i may want to share with someone else or take to work etc..

    Anyway, Good luck with your decision!
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    tkntkn Posts: 224member
    I just wanted the smaller size of the nano, plus the ability to exercise with it counted for a lot versus the Video with its hard drive and slightly larger size.

    Of course they should add video to the nano. There are plenty of other competitors who have that feature. I wouldn't mind putting the occasional tv show or movie on there to watch on the subway on the way to work. But they have resisted thus far.

    It all depends on your listening habits. If you want your entire collection available, then the larger size is key. If you don't mind changing around your music periodically and want the portability, then the nano is great. Sometimes I think it might have been worth it to get a 30GB and a shuffle for running, but managing two iPods might be a bit much.
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    Hey I appreciate the replies. It does help me with my choice. I am sorta weird in that I do kinda like to have a wide variety of songs avaliable. However I do agree that if I have room for 2000. Is that difference between 2000 and 2500 really that much.

    To add to my question....while I think its a no brainer that the nano is easier for exercising. Is the video actually inconvenient to work with due. I mean its not really THAT much larger, and yet when I pick it up I do feel like it would be a weight to carry around.

    Any thoughts and again thanks for the feedback
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    I understand what it's like to want your whole collection with you at one time. I had an iRiver H320 (20GB for those who don't know). My collection has since expanded to over 100GB (over 16,000 songs). There is simply no good reason to have that much music on me at one time. I've since changed my ways, by keeping only my essentially favorite albums and a few newer things for variety on my 4GB Nano. I don't regret the decision, and I have no problem keeping ~500 songs with me at all times. I guess if I were ever stranded on an island in the Pacific Ocean, I'd have 24 hours to listen to my favorite music ever.
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