Retrospect 5.0 runs as Root?

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Well, after deploying two new OS X servers over the weekend, I ran my first backup script using Retrospect 5.0 and on a new SDLT 320 tape drive. I expected major problems, but alas, no SNAFUs as of yet. Success!

I have a dedictaed backup server/archives G4 Mac (OS X) that is physically connected to the SCSI SDLT. It runs the Retro Server app. My OS X file servers run the Retro client app, and are backed-up over my LAN.

My questions:

1) Does Retrospect run as root? It appears to me that it did.

2) Does OS X Server (10.2.3) have Root enabled by default?

3) If not, how did Retrospect access my OS X Servers as Root if I didnt enable/authenticate a root user in NetInfo?

If you guys use DLT and are curious about the new SDLT320, let me know. I just got one and it blew me away! It was averaging 450 MB per min! And one single tape held my entire network's data! I am amazed. Best $5,000 I have spent in long time!


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