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Lock and ban. Lock and ban.

Where do these creeps keep coming from?

Wish they would go away forever and stop bothering us quiet people.


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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,289member
    This bot posted 6 times in 4 minutes.

    Problems like this will be prevented by disabling linking until 10 posts have been achieve and new users should automatically have like a 5 minute timout between posts until they've reached the 10 posts.

    If repeated attempts to post are noticed an instant ban is delivered which requires explanation to revoke.

    Part of preventing spam is not making signup of accounts so easy and nowadays realizing that not every account is a person looking to add to the community.

    These boards do not offer freedom of speech and are not democracy. Limiting access until ones anthropology and motives can be ascertained seems prudent.
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