Java IDE Performance on Mac Pro

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Any Java developers out there that can advise on the performance of Oracle JDeveloper, Eclipse and Netbeans under OSX on a Mac Pro (specificallly 2.6 ghz quad with 2 / 4 Gb ram). These apps are memory and processor hungry, but will the big mac satisfy? My work computer - 2.5ghz / 2gb Dell running windows is sluggish on Eclipse but it is certainly faster than my 1.8Gig Imac G5.

I have read the benchmarks, but there are so many parameters (OS X / Windows / Java SDK on OSX etc) that I am unsure whether the invest so heavily in this premium computer.



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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Eclipse 3.2 is rather poky on my MacBook (2GHz/1GB/10.4.10/JDK1.5), but 3.3 is much snappier, particularly the latest milestone build. It's not quite up to par with Windows performance, but it's much much better than 3.2 was.
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