% of mac user in your family?

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My family is a medium size family with approx 35 members and 18 of them use computer.

I looked back and found out in the last 7 years the % of Mac users in my family has been up from less than 1% (me) to now 55%. The % jump started with the Luxo Juror (that table lamp iMac)....then stalled. Then after the Intel switch the % jump to the current level in less than 10 months. One of the switcher in my family (my youngest aunt) is an accountant and she bought the 24" iMac and runs simply accounting via Parallels desktop.

All I can say is amazing. The Intel switch really opens the door for many opportunities.

Now if I can convince the rest to go Mac or at least be more neutral to non-MS products

I am curious about the mac "market share" in your families...


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,228moderator
    Originally Posted by Leonis View Post

    from less than 1% (me)

    If only 1 out of 18 used Macs, surely the lowest you could get is 5.5%.

    Originally Posted by Leonis View Post

    I am curious about the mac "market share" in your families...

    Some of my family had old beaten up Macs and stayed with them for years and mostly because the majority of people still use Windows, they migrated to PCs and obviously consider it a better experience simply because they are comparing to pieces of junk.

    I'd say computer users total comes to about 23, sometimes it's families using the same computer. Out of the 23, 5 use Macs so that's 22%. It will soon be 40% as one family is getting a Mac.

    Comparing PC units owned to Mac units, it's 8 PCs vs 4 Macs. As I say, soon to be 7 vs 5.

    Families tend to get PCs because they want the cheapest price and something that can be cheaply and easily fixed if their kids break it. Also something that's compatible with all the cheap software out there like those gimmicky education packages.
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    Originally Posted by Marvin View Post

    If only 1 out of 18 used Macs, surely the lowest you could get is 5.5%.

    Yeah, thanks. Its Saturday night and I wasn't going to get the numbers exact, but it was my first thought too.

    Mine is a geographically distributed family, so I will stay immediate.

    Both parents and (within the year) brother: Macs.

    Sister: Dull/Windows. She is not happy, but still thinks she "needs" it for work.

    In laws, Brother and (within the quarter) sister.

    parents: one Gateway.

    Me and the Wife 2 Macs (in use).

    Final in use computer count: Macs 7 -- "PCs" 2
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    I am the only Mac user in my family and sadly I won't even be a real Mac user in two months. My college issued me a Dell laptop so I'm not going to buy a Macbook on top of that, and I'm not going to bring my whole iMac to college with me either.

    Though if I really dislike and I somehow save up enough cash on a poor college students budget I may throw down the cash for a Macbook eventually. I just can't justify spending that sort of money now especially since I have a pretty decent laptop now, even if it is a PC.
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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    35 members seems to me like a pretty big family. Where are you drawing the lines?
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    benroethigbenroethig Posts: 2,782member
    1 and not from lack of trying. My mother always sides with the PC prosumers in my family over me. Tried to convert them, but they won't switch until either Apple makes a ~$1000 tower or lets someone who does sell ship their computer with OSX.
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