Canon photo printer error U150 / OS X error 1684

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I bought a new Canon Pixus iP6700D photo printer here in Japan. It is the Pixma 6700D in North America. After a month it has been giving me an error message. On the Canon LCD it says, "Error U150 The following ink tank cannot be recognized". OS X corresponding error reads as, "Error Number: 1684. The following ink tank cannot be recognized. Cyan [7e]".

After searching a few forums I found this thread at

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These chips have a fire count that disables the chip after a certain number of prints. So I have to buy oem canon carts!!!! Thats extortion!! How can this be legal???

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Yes I have heard that oem carts can display the same messages. Canon admit that this is a problem when you press them harder for information but you really have to squeeze them to tell you anything. Your canon oem carts are faulty and canon will replace them. Forums have been really helpful as there are a lot of refillers out there. Continuous Ink system users have been reporting no problems so far with their carts. Canon have said that they are receiving a LOT of complaints on this issue. Canon need to make available new drivers for those that ask for them. I have asked but been told not possible. But if everyone keeps complaining they have to fold to the pressure. This is a really good product. But canons greed will see their demise. Sending letter to Chairman & CEO

Fujio Mitarai in Japan. Address is Canon Electronics Inc. 1248, Shimokagemori, Chichibu-shi, Saitama 369-1892, Japan. and lets see what he has to say on this issue.

Seems pretty nuts. Cartridge is brand new but the chip is forcing me to buy a new one? As some other Canon owners have noticed you can sometimes bypass this message by turning the printer on/off and by taking cartridge out/in but that only works so often and sometimes you have to do that five times before you are able to print again. Rubbish.

Anyway I'll go back to Yodobashi Camera and see what they say when I ask them for a replacement.

If anyone has this problem with their printer and finds a fix please post it here and most importantly email Canon and tell them to get their asses in gear.

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