TimeMachine and Amazon S3

in macOS edited January 2014
Currently I'm using JungleDisk and Amazon S3 for backups. Fairly economical since all I'm backing up are photos.

But I was wondering for TimeMachine if using a service like S3 is possible or hinted at in the current Leopard beta.

Even .Mac would be fine if the cost was on par with Amazon S3. It would be worth the yearly fee at that point. Easy offsite backup for home users is the next step after TimeMachine makes backup a painless thing and should be fairly easy to implemement.

I guess worst case is I TimeMachine to the JungleDisk mount...any beta users doing this?


PS Anyone not backing up important files to Amazon S3 or some other online service really should. All my family photos are sitting on S3 and it costs me less than a buck a month. This will rise when I back up my home movies to S3...currently the original DV tapes just get tossed into the firesafe but I dunno how well they'd survive a house fire. The Mac and my backup drive would likely be toast. I SHOULD probably toss them in my parent's fire safe but I'm lazy and they are a fairly long drive away.
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