Nano Question?

in iPod + iTunes + AppleTV edited January 2014
Whether it be my cell phone, portable phone for around the house or even my electric razor, I like to keep those items both fully charged and in a place where I know they are. So for all of those items when I am done using them, or at the end of the day(in the case of the cell phone). I return them to their chargers, again so I both know where they are and are fully ready to go next time I need them.

I bought a docking station for my ipod that can be connected to my home stereo. What I would like to do is use this as my nano's "home" when I am not using it. I am wondering because of the limited"recharability" of the batteries will I actually decrease my nano's life by doing so? Would I be better to actually let it fully runout than have it constantly recharging when I am not using it?
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