Problem with outgoing messages in Mail

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Many times now mail has troubles sending outgoing messages. It displays a popup window that says that it could not send message using the server.

I am using gmail with POP and I never have a problem with their service when sending within their gmail website but I often have issues with mail.

This has also occurred with another email account I use that is not using gmail.

At other times messages will show as being sent (with the loading wheel) but it will just keep loading and loading and sometimes take 5-10min to send a message.

I have a perfect internet connection so that's probably not the problem.

Any suggestions please let me know thanks.



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    mr. memr. me Posts: 3,221member
    Most ISP's block external SMTP (outgoing mail) servers as a security measure. It sounds like you need to use your ISP's SMTP server.
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    What about if I am using gmail? I am also using a different email address with my email domain name. I need to be able to access my email from different locations around the world due to my job. Will I still be able to access my email using my ISP as the smtp server?

    Should it look like this ( )


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    Originally Posted by dorian86 View Post

    What about if I am using gmail? ...

    What about Gmail? I can't comment on your ISP's SMTP server, but most ISPs allow all outgoing POP3 mail accounts to use their SMTP server for outgoing mail. I have Gmail and this is how my account is setup. I also use my ISP's SMTP server for .mac.

    Take away message:

    Most ISPs allow access to the POP3 and IMAP servers of each of your mail accounts.

    Most ISPs block access to all SMTP servers except their own.

    Most ISPs allow their SMTP server to be used for all outgoing mail.
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