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Ok Im on pins and needles. I just looked at my order status for my MBP with the 7200rpm drive and yesterday it said Not yet Shipped and now it says "Prepared for shipment". Is that code for "We got the paper work and its making its way down the line and you still have a month' or does it mean what I think it means ILL GET THE DAMN THING SOON!!!

Wheew, Im just all flustered because Ive been saving for a year on my college budget and I finally get the money for this amazing piece of hardware and its so close I can almost feel my fingers opening it up and tickeling its touchpad. So whats the verdict? Anyone with "prepared for shipment" in thier order status for a while and havent gotton anything? Anyone thats bought from apple before and knows what is really meant by "Prepared for shipment"? Gaah I wont be able to sleep now.

P.S. I um checked the apple site and now when you click on the 7200rpm HD option the ship time stays 5-7 buisness days! So looks like they took care of the lack of 7200rpm drives, please oh please be a good sign.


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    I was hoping for a response last night but as now its the next day Ill enlighten you all. My MBP has shipped! I placed my order in last monday 6/18 with the 7200rpm HD option.

    Just wanted to let everyone know, especially those that may think they arent getting their MBP for another month. Cheers!
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