could there be a new ipod friday as well?

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how about a wifi enabled ipod that looks like the iphone but thicker that would hold as much as the current ipods. would sell for less than the phone but do a lot of cool stuff. could they be guarding those in addition to the iphone at all these apple stores right now?


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    jbf13jbf13 Posts: 39member
    Not friday but eventually, they don't want to hurt the iPhone sales at all.
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    Originally Posted by jbf13 View Post

    Not friday but eventually, they don't want to hurt the iPhone sales at all.

    This post over at the Unofficial Apple Weblog opened my eyes to this question:

    Why you won't be buying an iPhone-like iPod anytime soon

    I've said it for a long time now: I don't need another phone. I need a handheld; I don't want a Treo or a Palm Pilot. I'm waiting for the multitouch iPod.
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    o_rlyo_rly Posts: 27member
    I think to a certain extent a touchscreen is a step backwards in terms of efficiency, for the iPod at least. I like being able to pause, skip, change volume, etc without having to look at what I'm doing, (ie. iPod is in my pocket). Once you have to unlock it, input your command, lock it back up, put it back in your pocket a few times it might become a p.i.t.a.

    Would love the bigger screen though.
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    davidzladavidzla Posts: 63member
    I'll be very curious to hear what iPod-to-iPhone users have to say. I'm holding off on getting the 80Gb iPod in case the new interface carries over to the next generation iPod. But since I don't really care about videos or phone, the current interface might be better for me.
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    dstranathandstranathan Posts: 1,717member
    Yes. I'm getting this one:

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