Getting iTunes Album Info

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    That's true, it only uses GraceNote album info retrieval services if you import through iTunes. If you have access to a Windows PC or partition, I highly recommend Mp3tag. It's THE best mass-tagging solution I've found on any platform.
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    whmwhm Posts: 50member
    If you are talking about the albums covers as shown on the iphone videos, you can capture some album artwork for songs not purchased thru itunes. When I first purchased an ipod most of my music was taken from CD's I already owned. The last updated itunes has a tab labeled advanced. Click on it and also where it says album artwork and it will recover what ever art they have. I would say 85% of my songs not purchased from itunes now has the artwork. There are a few like The Eagles and only a few more do not. It must be the one for whom they do not have permission and their music are not on itunes. I could check to see if The Eagles are available but just have not done so... just assumed that's the case.
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