Any MetroFi Users Out There?

in General Discussion edited January 2014
MetroFi has come to Portland and is spreading rapidly. It is a couple miles from my house, and I expect it to be here within six months. It is in several cities now, so I'm hoping someone here has experience with it. Anyone from Concord, Cupertino, Foster City, Riverside, San Jose, Santa Clara or Sunnyvale, CA? Or maybe Aurora, Illinois?

MetroFi is free, city-wide WiFi service to anyone. What's the catch? Users of the free service get a banner on the browser, and port 25 is blocked. No outgoing email, except web-based email.

There is a partial solution. Port 995 is not blocked. I currently use port 995 and SSL. It will work. I checked with with free MetroFi. I guess I'd be stuck with a banner however. But hey, free is a very good price.

MetroFi also has a premium service for $19.95 a month, with no banner and port 25 is not blocked. By the way, download speed is 1 Mb/s, upload, 256 kb/s. Not the swiftest, but is adequate for my use.

Does anyone use MetroFi and have some comments?

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