Easton, Ohio (clues?) more than just iPhone on 6/29?

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So Thursday night I was out and about...

I was very close to Easton Mall so I thought I'd check out the Apple Store to see if there where any lines yet for the iPhone

There where not any lines..... However, There where two 'large' iPhones in the windows

What I did notice is a uniformed cop inside near the back of the store. I also noticed covers on the walls- something like frosted-shower curtains- type covers hanging down over most of the left side of the walls

You could not make out to well what was behind them- but they look to be changing something around

OK.... So the big thing I saw when I was about to leave was the iMacs they use as 'POS' terminals appear to be prepped to be moved? If I'm not mistaken the Easton Apple Store has three (3) iMacs at their counter? Well tonight it looked like only two (2) --And both looked prepped to be moved? I noticed on Macrumors that the iMac has been (Days Since Update )\t296 days

Maybe it's nothing but-- don't they always use the current iMac as the POS terminals?

So will we see new iMac as well as the iPhone?

Are they just cleaning?

Is it that they are not removing the iMacs but, rather making room for more iMacs on the counter ?--- try to keep up with the lines?

ALSO- Supporting this idea: The frosted-shower curtains- seemed to be only on the Left Side of the store-- From what I remember (might be wrong) But the iMacs are on the farrrrr end of the right side and on the left side of store

RIGHT SIDE WALING IN -- It goes 1st iTV, iPods, a few iMacs, and Mac Mini, iPod accessories ?

LEFT SIDE WALING IN -- It goes island with MacBook Pros. iMacs along the wall -- then later Mac Pros?

At any rate-- The frosted-shower curtains seemed to only be where the iMacs 'lived'


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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    It's certainly quite possible, and with all the iPhone hype, any imac news would be easy to keep secret.
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    Originally Posted by M.O.S.T View Post

    At any rate-- The frosted-shower curtains seemed to only be where the iMacs 'lived'

    Sounds like the plot of a new "Scary Movie".
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    brussellbrussell Posts: 9,812member
    Eh? If they introduce new iMacs on the day of the iPhone release, I'll buy you a new one.
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