Camcorder + mpeg muxed question?

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Hi there.

I wonder if you guys and gals can help me out at all please.

We have just moved countries and I need to get some dvd's sent home to our older relatives that don't have internet/computers. I am also a recent switcher to mac and so far loving it, especially as I am not spending loads of time trying to work out issues (unlike my windows days).

My first question is that I have a Sony W17 digital camera which records movies as a mpeg muxed file. I need to demux / convert it to dv format so that I can use it in imovie and idvd. I would like to stick to apple apps if I can but wondered if anyone knows if quick time pro can convert the file for me. Any help for this would be appreciated.

The second question is that I am thinking of buying a video camera so I can take it to imovie very easily. I can see a few recommendations for Canon HD10 and HD20. I don't want to spend too much and now these models are a bit older there are a lot cheaper. Is there any others I should be considering. I am trying to stay clear of hard disk and DVD as I have heard that mini dv tapes are best especially when using imovie.

Obviously technology is changing so the reviews I read about the Canons might be out of date so if I need to me thinking about newer models then can you sugguest some for us?

Thanks in advance.

A newbie mac user.


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    I've just been looking around and it seems the Canon HV10 has taken a huge price drop in the US. I am wondering how long it would be before the price drop happens here. Anyone know what prompted the price drop. They have both the HV10 and HV20 over here in Australia but are twice as much as US.

    Any helps please?
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