at&t service at their store.

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i hate to start my introduction to these boards in a bad way, but i just need to vent.

I have been reading Apple insider for over a year now and love every bit of it.

Unfortunately today I was horrified to receive such horrible service at my local AT&T store.

I drove to the small store around 7:00pm after getting off from work. I rushed over to be greeted by a looked door, and a very nice police officer that unlocked it and welcomed me in. i was then greeted by a very nice gentleman that asked me how he could help this evening.

I replied by asking if i could have a moment of his time to ask him some unanswered questions about the iPhone and AT&T's service contract. He told me "I'm sorry sir but i can not talk to you about it until you tell me you are ready to purchase the phone."

I was taken aback, but decided to push forward. I saw a rack of accessories on the wall and asked him if i might be able to look at them. He again said "sorry sir but you can not look around the store until you purchase and iPhone." I then asked him if i could test one out. still very nice to me he said "i apologize sir but we can not allow you to play with one until you purchase an iPhone."

I then asked him if i could read the terms and agreements contract. He then said " sir i can not allow you to read the contract until you but the phone, and you can go home and set up the phone on your computer and read the contract." i asked him what if i don't like the contract? He said "You can return it."

Now correct me if i'm wrong but i worked for apple for over a year and a half and if you return an opened item it is a 10% restocking fee? After getting my hopes up and running to the store to see the phone, i was turned away very upset that they refused to talk to me until i purchased one.

I love apple, and am a dedicated apple lover, but after this interaction with AT&T i am strongly changing my plans on purchasing the iPhone, as much as i want one i don't want to deal with the Horrible service at AT&T.

I was wondering if anyone else had this issue, or if it was just me. Sorry to start thing off on a bad note, and it's a shame the closest apple store to me is 2 hrs away and that i have to be to work early tomorrow.

Thanks everyone and i hope to see you all on the boards in the future.


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    Frankly, I would tell that imbecile to **** off. Go to another store, the salesman is obviously an uninformed trainee.
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    yup. he is just doing that so he can get a sale....get the iphone and go to a different location
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