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I plan on getting the iPhone, eventually. My contract with my current carrier is up in a little under a year. My question is, should I decide to get an iPhone, and my credit doesn't check out, I understand that there is a Pick Your Plan option. Is this a pre-paid option? If so, what are the details? What are the rates?

I ask, because, unfortunately, my credit isn't that great. It's basically because I screwed it up when I turned 18, and got a credit card. Then, I got in over my head, and had to cancel the card. Since then, I've paid my debt, but, now I don't have a credit history, because I pay for everything with cash. I'd just like to know my options, should my credit stand in the way.



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    ibook911ibook911 Posts: 607member
    Supposedly, if you fail the credit check you can choose pay as you go for $29.99 per month for like 200 minutes (or the other pre pay plans) plus $20 a month Apple.

    You might consider getting a credit card someday just keeping a tiny balance on like $100 and pay it, so that you could rebuild your credit history a little.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 30,734member
    Get a Discover card first and pay off your balances without fail for the first year. Credit screw-ups are not easy to erase, but you should do it methodically.
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    placeboplacebo Posts: 5,767member
    Could you guys tell me more about this? I really almost never use my phone for calls, a lot of texting instead, but I'd love to have the data services.
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    I would love to switch from the lowest-minutes rate of AT&T's family plan (which costs us $110 a month for two iPhones) to pay as you go (which would be $80 a month for two iPhones, based on the info given above) -- as long as it still included unlimited minutes to other AT&T cellphones.

    Right now with the family plan we save $10 a month over having two separate individual iPhone plans with AT&T -- and if pay as you go would add up to $40 each that would be $80 a month, saving us $40 a month over two individual iPhone plans!

    I hope AT&T allows people to switch sometime in the future, but I doubt they will.

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