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I have tiger on my Imac g3 400mhz 768mb ram and 10GB hardrive and it runs pretty smooth for those specs. Anyways I am having a problem with it, the pointer freezes up when I move it sometimes and it has been giving me kernel panics for the last month about 3 times. What do you think is going on??????????????


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    My GUESS would be either a RAM problem or a HardDisk problem. Either one can be replaced easily enough. (I had a 266 iMac G3 that ended life with a CDRW and 80GB drive )

    But... if you have the CD's that came with it, run the hardware test program. It will take a while, but it will run some diagnostics. If it says you have bad RAM, then you do.... If it says you don't have bad RAM, well, you still might. It will also check the HD's ability to spin-up and check the surface integrity... again, even if it says OK, it could have missed something, but you can generally believe when it says a compnent failed.

    I've a 400 G3 iBook plugged into my stereo and it makes a great music "server"... iTunes fed through the house speakers... if only it had a remote.
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    Moving to Genius Bar
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    What does your panic log say in /Library/logs/panic.log?
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    I ran the hardware test program cd and it found no problems I even did the extended test. Could it be overheating? Because when it is really hot it gives me kerel panics. I rare'ly turn it off, I usually have it set to sleep in 2 minutes of non-use. One day when it was about 90 degrees out It gave me a bunch o kernel panics, what should I do is it safe to leave it in sleep all of the time?
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    It could definitely be a heat thing... still could be a heat related RAM problem ... the problems is, it doesn't necessarily have the "problem" while you're running the hardware test.

    It could also be any number of capacitors on the main board. If they are failing, thier ability to work at high temperatures can be impaired ... even before they show exterior signs of failure (like leaking or bulging.)

    Now your problem is, it would cost more to have it diagnosed/repaired than the machine is worth... you could probably replace it with a newer/better (but still used) G4 machine for $300-$500.
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    How much free hard disk space is there? You should aim for at least 15% free for good operation.

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