17" LED Display....HOW LONG????

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How long do you guys think before we will see an 17" LED high res display??????? I really want to go ahead and buy the high res 17" I went to the apple store the other day and looked long and hard at the 15" led and the high res 17" and the 15 does indeed look brighter and more evenly lit. It actually made the 17" look dim in comparison. So i was wondering when you guys think that the 17" led would come out. If it would be in a few months I would be willing to wait but if it is longer then that I will just go ahead and get it or perhaps just take the 15 even thought i would much rather have the 17" display. Any way I know nobody knows when it would actually come out besides apple but I was just wonder what you guys thought. Thanks


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    welcome to insider!

    Price is the main issue right now, and although i have no real experience i would say atleast six months to a year. They just updated the mb pros so they wont do anything for a while. My best guess would be spring of '08.

    but thats pure speculation.

    Buy a 17 now and then sell it on ebay when the new ones come out. You will only lose a couple hundred in the end.
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    tony1tony1 Posts: 258member
    Originally Posted by kcdstudios View Post

    welcome to insider!

    Buy a 17 now and then sell it on ebay when the new ones come out. You will only lose a couple hundred in the end.

    A couple hundred? Not in my experience. I bought mine for $2800 and sold it (Ebay) for $2000 about 6 months later in mint condition with a new Mighty Mouse and Neocase, after Paypal fees it was just above $1900. I won't ever do that again. Granted, it probably fetched more than a PC would, but close to $900 really hurt. I wouldn't recommend it. On the other hand maybe selling it a month or two earlier would have helped or if it was a 15" it could have gotten closer to the purchase price, but who knows.

    If you don't need the real estate of a 17", seriously consider the 15". I compared the two last weekend side by side and outside of the loss of one USB port it's a great choice. Yes the 17" is hi-res, but the brightness life will dim over time. The 15"LED was very bright and sharp and had to be bumped down a few notches to be more comfortable, battery life per session should be better also.

    Originally I bought my 17" to replace my aging G4 desktop and old Pismo, but I can see the 15" doing the same, especially having a few extra $$ to put towards a Cinena Display at home. The 17" was, without a doubt, a very nice machine and loved that extra space for palettes and what-not, but I'm sure I can deal with it on a 15". The 17" also looked great in the coffee shop, it was like a big banner showing Apple pride, but it was a bit cumbersome too. I guess you have to ask yourself what do you really, really need and get that. That way you'll feel hard pressed to sell it early.
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