5 y/o TiBook-800 - screen messed up

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
As I type this, my screen has gone from perfect (after sleeping) to completely screwy, colors and lines- I can barely see this print. When I wiggle the screen, these messups change - indicating a hardware problem.

I've made an appointment with Apple Genius next Saturday (seems like an extraordinarily long wait to me, especially since I'm without a computer until then - I'm accustomed to Apple being very quick on these kinds of issues, knowing that to be computerless is unacceptable in today's day).

Anyone else had this problem? Any ideas as to the portential cost of repair? I'm still saving up for a MBP to replace this, my only machine, but I'm nowhere near the $$ I need -

It sure is nice to be able to turn to you folks for advice in times like these -



PS - Sorry for any typos. I've written this almost completely blindly.


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    Are any of the hinges broken? I've got a TI PB which has the same problem but it's caused by a broken hinge which appears to somehow be interferring with the wiring that connects to the display.
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