airport extreme and external disk issue..please help!!

in Current Mac Hardware edited January 2014
I've been using my new Airport Extreme with no problems since I purchased it over a month ago. I have a MyBook FAT32 external disk attached to the Apple Extreme via USB. I have an HP wireless printer, a Windows laptop, and an Apple TV all connected via 802.11g to the Apple Extreme My desktop is wired to the Apple Extreme and the Apple Extreme is wired to my AT&T DSL modem.

Everything was working fine until yesterday and I can't figure out what happened. The external disk had been appearing simply as an extra disk along side the Windows C: drive. Starting yesterday it started appearing as a Network drive. But I can't access the drive. I receive an error message that says the path of the drive can't be located. I've tried re-installing the base station and re-configuring. That did not solve the problem. I've also tried unplugging the base station and the external disk and the powering up just to see if that helps. It didn't. Has anyone had this problem?
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