WHEN will Apple release a video ipod with touch screen and wifi??

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I don't want an iphone(I've got bad credit) Doh!

But I would like an ipod with the same features.

You just KNOW that Apple HAS to eventually put the touch screen and wifi in the ipod line.

I think thats the main reason apple made the iphones only with 8 gig hardrives. It FORCES people who want a TRUE ipod to BUY an ipod. Apple could TOTALLY have put larger hard drives in the iphone.

But doing so would have made the ipods obsolete. This way, they can keep people buying both for a couple more years.

However, eventually Apple will have to put the wifi and touch screen in the video ipods. Because soon the ipods will begin to look ancient and old. I think apple is going to push this limit for as long as they can before they cave.

I think if the next ipod update in the fall does not include a wifi/touch screen....and keeps the old look....people wont buy....and the HUGE ipod sales of the past will begin to drop significantly. For the short term, apple will accept this, because they'll be selling tons of iphones that balance it out.

But very quickly, apple will realize that NO ONE is buying the regular ipods in the numbers they used to.

Apple will HAVE to change their strategy.

When do you all think that will be?

I for one think that a video ipod with the same interface and wifi as the iphone...but with bigger hard drives would sell well side by side with the iphone. In fact it would BOOST apple sales. People that wanted the phone features would buy the phone version. And people that just wanted an ipod would buy the ipod version.

But to come out with the same old ipod now that the iphone technology has changed the world....would be a HUGE mistake in my opinion. People will just stop buying new ipods if they don't add those features in the next update.

What do u all think? :-)
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